The Grand Curtius: permanent collections (COVID19) (CURTIUS_COVID19)


The Grand Curtius: permanent collections (COVID19)

The Grand Curtius is located in an exceptional architectural complex of beautifully restored 16th to 21st century buildings.
The collections give pride of place to the eventful history of Liege since its origins and are at the forefront of art history. Rich testimonies of the first civilisations, masterpieces of medieval art, sculptures and Baroque goldsmiths' and silversmiths' works follow one another, not forgetting Glass and Weapons, the extraordinary wealth of those makes the Grand Curtius one of the world's leading museums of these materials.

The Commune. Paris 1871. Liège 1886 - 30.04 > 25.07.2021
The Commune was a citizen and popular movement that took shape in Paris between 18 March and 28 May 1871. For 72 days, the Commune, elected by universal suffrage, conceived a new form of state based on the intervention of the people in everyday life. This experiment will end in an extremely violent way. In Liege, this period of insurrection did not seem to have any immediate influence. However, the Paris Commune left its mark on people's minds, and its commemoration in 1886 was the trigger for the major riots in Liège and Hainaut, which contributed to the achievement of a first form of social regulation. As part of the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune, the exhibition aims to highlight the emancipatory ideas of the Commune through three singular approaches: women, the Commune in images and the events of 1886 in Liège. 
Free access.
More info: La Commune. Paris 1871. Liège 1886 | Grand Curtius

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Dates: from 20/05 to 30/06/2020
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Prescriptions COVID19 :
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  • Availability of hydroalcoholic gel to the public;
  • Cafeteria closed;
  • Changing rooms and closed lockers: We ask you to take as little as possible with you. Large bags, trolleys and umbrellas are not allowed. Handbags and small backpacks are accepted;
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